Almaty – Autumn & Cancer

September 20th ….a nice autumn day in Almaty. Natka and I hiked up the hills in Shymbulak away from the crowd of tourists. Autumn is always beautiful in the mountains. This year it gave us a special feeling. My Dad is fighting an aggressive stomach cancer and started this week after 6 weeks of Chemo his 5 weeks of Radiotherapy…..he is doing well even though life is literally sucked out of him as I write this …..collateral damage may you be in control. Luckily he has fantastic support from an other part of “wise” doctors who use natural means to make him stronger en resistant when collateral damage happens. We are so grateful to all of them.

We are sure that after this Autumn we will post for you great pictures of a regaining spring….just as Osiris becomes green after a long winter and resurrects  from Abydos to bring prosperity for whole of Egypt after the Nile flooded the land with his fertility…

Please enjoy some of the Almaty Autumn pictures Natka and I took during our hike…

Enjoy the Autumn in Almaty,

© All for a smile



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