Flabellina – A dream for any underwater photographer


As the colder days are settling in in Almaty I will be digging during the evenings a bit more through the “treasure” of high resolution pictures I made during the past years holidays when diving.

Nudibranchs are one of my favourite. In fact they are very artistic in any sense of the word and they get to everyones imagination. They inspired me even to start diving with a magnifying glass (next to carrying my camera (;,.) so that I can enjoy them in all their glory. Nudibranchs come in all kinds of bright colours and shapes. They look like butterflies under the water. Long time ago they gave up their protective shell that protected their prehistoric ancestors. To protect them in a world where the name if the game is “to eat or to be eaten” they developed over the years incredible sophisticated protection systems. There is still a lot of study that needs to be done to better understand the entire world of Nudibranchs. Over the next months I will be posting some of the different “members” of the nudibranchs family and share with you some more background information.

Today I am sharing with you a few pictures of the FLABELLINA family which belongs to the bigger suborder of the AEOLIDINA.

Aeolus is the ancient Greek god of the Wind and son of Zeus….when you look at our friends you see how they love living in the “underwater wind”. Their elongated bodies bear clusters or rows of cerata (elongated processes) on their backs and they love to hang in the “waving currents”. All the pictures were taken at different moments in time at Koh-Doc-May in Phuket Thailand. To dive Koh Doc Mai I recommend the best dive operator of Thailand Seabees and ask for “Sacha” or “Alexander“….he will show them to you.

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