Glossodoris Atromarginata

Thailand Summer 2015 1862 (1)

This week I thought we should pause for a bit and enjoy this “creamy white-yellowish” nudi which listens to the inspiring name of “Glossodoris Atromarginata” . Their mantle has a distinct black line that outlines the strong undolation. In the adult species the rhinophores as well as the gills on the lower part of the body have the colour of the body with black toning to almost completely black. All these pictures were taken in different dive-sites around Phuket where this species is rather common. Adults can grow up to 9 cm.

In the picture below we see a “Glossodoris” – pair of which one of the two has just laid a nice circle of “Glossi nudi eggs”.

Thailand Summer 2015 1795

Romantic tenderness deep down there.

© All for a smile.



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