Chromodoris Annulata

Chromodoris Annulata
Chromodoris Annulata

So easy to fall in love with this beauty nudibranch….

The Chromodoris Annulata is widespread in the Phuket and Similan dive sites and can be found across the Indian Ocean and the Red Sea. Typical for the Annulata  are the two red to blue-purple circles. One around the gills on the back of the body and one around the rhinophores. The body is decorated with yellow to orange spots. The mantle is bordered with a red to blue-purple line. The mantle waves when on the move and the front part of the mantle flaps frequently up showing the gorgeous coloration as seen on one of the published photographs. Mostly the Chromodoris Annulata is about 6 cm long …..and for sure always a pleasure to observe under the water…..enjoy a few pictures I took in Thailand – Phuket when diving with Sea-Bees and Alexander Schepens.

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