Chromodoris Risbecia Pulchella

It is a beautiful morning in Almaty. The autumn cold and warmth of the sun turn the birch leafs in to golden sparkles against a blue blue sky. What a view as I have the pleasure to put a few pictures together of another nudi beauty ….the Chromodoris Risbecia Pulchella….. a sister nudi of the Chromodors Annulata which I showed you some pictures of in a previous blog on my site.

The Risbecia has an elongated and slim  white body with  lots of yellow, orange dots both on the dorsum as well as the foot. The edge of the mantel had a fine purple line and the inside of the mantel is from all the species that i saw always white contrary to the Annulata where the front of the mantel inside is often purple.  The rhinophores are purple to red on top of  white in side core. On the example of the left next to the right rhinophore you see a abnormal growth which I have seen so far only on this specimen. The Risbecia is seen from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean. All the pictures on this blog are taken in Phuket and the Similan islands where the Risbecia is very common seen.

This nudi has a particular behaviour known as “taThailand Summer 2015 1942ilgating”. In the picture you see 2 species head – to – tail. This is pretty often seen with this species and has still to be studied further to better understand why they do so. Mostly you will see 2 species doing so but sometimes they are with more then 2. I have myself only seen 3 but reportedly even more “tailgates” have been documented.

Enjoy the Chromodoris Risbecia Pulchella

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