Glossodoris Cincta

Albo & GobiIn August 2015 on a very windy day we set off with Sea Bees to dive at Shark Point…….on our way the waves became so big that the tourleader wisely decided to do our first dive at Koh Dok May. One dive later the weather had further worsened and we decided to do our second dive at what I call now “spaghetti bay”…..close to Chalong at Koh Mai Ton.  Alexander Schepens and I were diving with 2 Italian sisters who where excellent divers. We set of in a strong current and down there there was a truck load of whip corals. It seemed  like a forest of waving spaghetti’s.

Seeing something was a challenge as you had to “poke” your self in the sandy bottom…lay in the current and observe as the mist of  sand was gazing over you. What a dive it was.  Towards the end of the dive I took the above shot of a 5 cm long Chromodoris Albopunctata…..have only one shot but what a shot……the Little Goby is short of 2 cm long and poses so beautiful on his host.

What seemed for a lot of people as a “missed” diving day was for us one of the highlights of the season……we love diving and every dive holds another surprise. So when you wanna have fun ask seabees to take you diving in ” Spaghetti Bay” to see the above couple (;,….

I will have to dig up some more pictures of the Cincta which we took on the Genesis trip during the dive at the wreck at the entrance of the Khao Lak harbour…..just need to dig them up (;,….and will post them later for you to enjoy…. (12-11-2015…)and now here they are.

© All for a smile



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