Flabellina Exoptata Eliot


Mabul – Borneo

A year ago Natasha, Alexander and (Constantijn) planned a dive holiday with Sipadan Water Village on Mabul Island borneo.

When catching his connecting flight from London to Kuala-Lumpur Constantijn got taken of the plane as his passport was only valid for another 5 months and 28 days….3 days short (;,….

So we spent Christmas last year with Alexander and Natka diving.

A year earlier we celebrated in March 2013 diving with Natka and Constantijn in Mabul – Sipadan…..

One day we will be diving the Turtle Tomb cave with all of us…..now before I get in a next post to the Turtle Tomb Cave which Alexander and I have been diving last Christmas I wanted to share today with you this loving couple of Flabellina’s.

Mabul- Kapalay – Sipadan …Macro – Wide angel …you name it. Often you need to come up with an empty batterie as marine life is so abundant in pretty much each dive site when you open your eyes. I will soon be blogging more about Mabul.

Thanks to our friend Net from Thailand for showing us this lovely Flabellina couple at Mabul.

© All for a smile




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