The MIRROR ….a special Blog edition for Lois Draper

Dear Lois,

This Blog post is special for you….

As I was working on our upcoming  joint project for the Under Water Photography Exhibition in San Diego I thought….well how remarkable can live be.

Natasha is now extremely busy with what will be the biggest “Personal Development” conference at Almaty International School since Bob and you gave all your love , care and professionalism to Kazakhstan and it’s national and international education community. Mr. Dan Bastien and Mr. John Newton are heading now the sr. management team leading all of this. They are doing a fantastic job. Natasha’s role you now better then myself (;,.  learning languages makes the world a better place.

As I was glancing through some of my “better” pictures for the upcoming exposition in San Diego  I came across a few shots of a “family” of Gobi fishes which I photographed a few years ago on the wreck next to entrance of the Kao Lakh harbour in Thailand…..Alexander will need to help me with the exact name of the place (;,…

As these Gobies were playing around on the edge of the wreck I was wondering on “how families evolve” and how one sometimes looks into the mirror of time.

You all will see what I mean on the pictures below….obviously there was no physical mirror down there on the wreck…or maybe there was ?

© All for a smile





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