Barracuda point – Sipadan

Almaty…it is snowing this morning. Yesterday one thought it would soon be spring with 16 degrees over lunch. Today we ‘ll go skiing. One more busy workweek ahead and then we start packing for our christmas holidays in Belgium – Thailand and Almaty. Last year we spent Christmas time in Borneo. In last post I shared with you our Turtle Tomb dive.

Today I want to share with you some pictures of another dive-site in Sipadan called Barracuda point. A 3 min boat ride from the Island at the edge of the submerged reef is a great adventurous dive site called Barracuda Point…..because guess what …very often you encounter …indeed Barracuda’s.

When we jumped we got in the middle of big school of Jackfish who were near the surface. As the dive continued below us at 23-28 meter we saw quite some white-tip sharks, and in the blue on left shoulder also a few bigger grey reef sharks….._DSC7729as we approached the last 20 min of the dive we entered a “high current” type of street and there they were Thousands of 1 to 1.25 m barracuda’s …graciously swimming in the current. As we approached them they started circling and formed a true tornado to maximise the oxygen in their gills…. another unforgettable diving experience. A must for advanced divers.

© All for a smile



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