Gymnodoris Impudica




Dear friends  @ All for a smile,

Our friends for tonight are making love and exchanging semen at a moment the world is more into building walls rather then building bridges.  All pictures were taken at “barracuda point” in Sipadan, Borneo.

The two lovely dudes I had the honor and pleasure photographing a few years ago are also know as the Gymnodoris rubropapulosa.

The are in fact pretty aggressive even though they look very “amicable” and tender in their rozy outfit. They are eating their friends and swallow them completely as recently reported on Nudipixel.

That day on 2012 they were exchanging semen. Both partners are both male and female at the same_dsc8563 time. They are “toe to tail 69” and as they are working through this you see clearly in the picture how their bodies are lighting up. The picture on the left was simply taken with the same settings as the one above but from a slightly bigger distance  (and then cropped out a bit)….illustrating  that the exchange of life is indeed like a “lightening moment in life”.

The “gils” of the nudi’s are the “brainlike” structures. The gils are her partly retracted. They are also called “anal gils” as they are centered around the anal part of the Nudi’s at the back end of their boddies. _dsc8556

As I was watching nature in front of my lens both partners moved on….._dsc8570

One of these moment in life….


@ All for a Smile




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