Hi there and welcome to Johnny Schepens Photography….©All for a smile.


I am a Belgian born and native Flemish photographer living now in Belgium where I enjoy the truly beautiful nature and people. Half the time we are now also living in our house in Phuket and there I enjoy mostly doing underwater photography.

Please contact me anytime in Belgium or in Phuket for a private photoshoot for you individually or with your friends. I do photoshoots for any occasion and at any location. I love taking your pictures in a natural environment both outdoor and indoor.

I photograph with Nikon D 800 and  Nikon D 200,  a Hugyfot housing with Inon Z 240  and LE 700 strobes and use the Nikon 910 and 800 flash lights for of and on camera lighting. The post production goes all through Aperture and Photos on my reliable McBook Pro.

 © All for a smile,


Frog Fish - RachaYai - Phuket_DSC9819 - Version 2



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