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Frogfish Raya Yai with Megan Olivia

A lovely Friday morning in Phuket after a hard working “3 weeks” in Eastern Europe and 6 hours jetlag after a nice Qatar Airlines flight. It always feels so good to get on board the Excalibur II with Seabees for a day of diving and photographing under water.

After a boat ride of a bit over an hour we reach Racha Yai and get on the mooring line in Bay 3. We are diving in a group of 4 with Megan Olivia, one of seabees most experienced dive instructors.

As we get in the water it is immediately clear that the current is not at 0.3 but rather feels like a serious “Maldives” style >1.0 (;,….so we work our way to the “far cubes” at 30m depth as a few weeks ago a frogfish was spotted there. As we arrive at the cubes, after an already labour intensive 15 min, we first see a stonefish on the top of the cubes. We swim around the cubes to find just before we head back just beneath the initial stonefish our very very well camouflaged frogfish. Luckily I am diving with Nitrox 36 and still have enough bottom time to make 1 shot before we had back to the mooring line. 34 minutes after we entered the water we finish the dive as we “enjoyed” the current……happy we have seen Mr Frogfish in all his glory (or Mdm Frogfish….who will tell)._JKS7808-1521817442218

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Roboastra Gracilis


Small, beautiful, elegant  but dangerous. Mostly we (ai Alexander Schepens #divertothecore ) are finding this nudibranch along the islands of Racha Yai and Racha Noi in Phuket Thailand.

This relatively small nembrothid is growing to about 20-25mm in length. Characterised by the orange longitudinal lines which are sometimes quite onscure. These lines consist of a series of glandular pits which secrete a bright orange substance when disturbed.  This species is a member of a genus which hunts down and eats other opisthobranchs. The large oral tentacles (arrowed) are found in all members of Roboastra and are probably important in tracking down their prey, perhaps by following its mucus trail. Some variants have iso of orange rather yellow stripes._jks4382_jks4376_jks4369_jks4348_jks4346_jks4343


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Nembrotha Kubaryana30

We love diving in Mabul – Borneo

The dive sites are all rich in marine live and a paradise for Macro lovers. Natasha and i had the pleasure diving there with both our sons (be it not with both at them at the same time  so far) Alexander and Constantijn…..always under the dive guidance of one of the best dive instructors we ever have been diving with Ramil Densing Reasonable at Sipadan Water Village.

The Nembrotha Kubaryana is easily confused with a similar species, Nembrotha Cristata although the latter has no red orange border on its foot. As you see from the photo above as our friend was climbing the rock you see a bit of orange on his back and front part.


Also on the second picture the close observer will see that hidden behind the marvellous green is a bit of orange.

Both species the Kubaryana and the Cristata are pretty aggressive nudibranches that would not mind “eating one of their own” …out of pure “love”.

Enjoy a fantastic colourful Valentines day

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