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Colpodaspis Thompsoni


The last 2 days I shared @All for a smile, 2 for us “new” nudi’s. Today I am posting 2 pictures of the Colpodaspis Thompsoni….another “new” nudi for us.

All 3 of them we saw during our last diving trip to Phuket Thailand and on our last diving day on Jan 5th at Racha Noi – Racha Yai. The Colpodaspis Thompsoni  Alexander Schepens found in Bungalow bay at the end of the dive as we were almost swimming out of the bay with the island on the right shoulder at 12 meter depth. With a size of max o,5 cm a very small brightly coloured, snail-like sea slug.

“The fragile bubble-shaped shell is completely enveloped by the mantle. On the right side of the mantle there is an elongate exhalent siphon. The head is produced into a pair of enrolled tentacles or rhinophores which lead to a deep lateral groove on each side. The eyes are embedded beneath the skin and can be seen as two black spots just in front of the shell. There is a large central mucus gland in the sole of the foot which probably produces a sticky mucus enabling the animal to stick on the algae on which it is found. It is black with large yellowish warts on white patches.
We know nothing of the biology or food of any species of Colpodaspis.

The placing of Colpodaspis with Diaphana and Newnesia in the Diaphanoidea, by most experts, is a marriage of convenience rather than a convincing statement of phylogenetic relationships. Further studies are required before we can say anything sensible about their relationship to each other and to other opisthobranchs.”

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