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Hypsolodoris Constantinos …?

_jks2181During the same dive (cfr. my previous post re Chromodoris Hintuanensis) Constantijn pointed out a very interesting species …..4 mm wide and about 2 cm long …slowly crawling on a hairy rock. While I was taking the picture my brain was already getting excited as this was the second new species in one dive. I had never seen this nudi. _jks2182

Back on the boat we all started looking in the Nudibranch books and could not find any hint to this species. That is when we baptised this species as being the “hypsolodoris Constantinos”.



Later that week Jeffrey Davies found a link via Nudipixel identifying this species as PHYLLIDIA MONACHA.

“This small phyllidiid is characterised by 3, mid-dorsal, longitudinal ridges formed by tiny tubercles plus lots of small, simple tubercles on the flanks resembling those of Phyllidia coelestis. Colour wise the central area is orange and the crests of the ridges are white. On the flanks is a black line (either, simple and straight as in Indonesian specimens, or enlarged and wavy as in the animals from the Red Sea) outlined in white. These broad white halos/stripes are composed of large pigment granules resembling those of Phyllidia willani. The rhinophores are dark orange. This species is uncommon and it was previously only known from the Red Sea. There is a photo of a specimen from Flores in Debelius & Kuiter (page 270, middle of bottom row) — Richard Willan”.

So now we also know that the Phyllidia Monacha is not only living in the Red sea but is also home to Racha Noy …at Maritta’s rock.

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